Jelly Beans 2lb - Individual Colors

  • $12.99

Solid colored jelly beans in the colors you need! Choose your color and enjoy!

375 beans per pound (750 total)

Price per pound: $6.50

Product Details

Decisions, decisions. With this selection of different colored bulk jelly beans, you'll really have to put on your thinking cap to decide what flavors you'd like to bring home.

In large bulk bags of lime, strawberry, cherry, orange, lemon, apple, watermelon, blueberry, grape, raspberry, and black licorice, you'll have a lot to choose from! Have an Easter Egg Hunt coming up that you'd like to stock up for? Want to fill jars with beautiful and delicious jelly beans for an upcoming party? Have a family full of jelly bean fanatics? The this selection of jelly beans is the right one for you!


375 beans per pound (750 total)

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