Jelly Belly Deluxe Easter Mix 9oz Bags - 12ct

Jelly Belly Deluxe Easter Mix 9oz Bags - 12ct
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Price per bag: $4.67

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Jelly Belly Deluxe Easter Mix bags contain an assortment of holiday themed confections, including speckled chocolate malted eggs, foil wrapped chocolate eggs, Easter Mellocremes, chocolate fudge cream eggs, Easter jelly beans and orange non-pareil eggs. Every piece features a spring color, with hues like pink, green, yellow and blue.

Celebrate this popular holiday with the gourmet taste of Jelly Belly! Pour into glass dishes so guests can admire the rainbow of vibrant colors featured in each assortment. Our Jelly Belly Deluxe Easter mix bags also make a convenient gift for any spring event. Give them to coworkers or neighbors in spring time or use as an edible appreciation gift for teachers and/or clients!

Our bulk Jelly Belly candy contains several bags that are convenient for group gift and events. Each package includes a fun design that's festive for the Easter season. Don't forget to keep a few bags at home so you can enjoy the soft, chewy taste that makes Jelly Belly one of the best!


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