Jelly Belly Deluxe Halloween Mix - 10lb

Jelly Belly Deluxe Halloween Mix - 10lb
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Jelly Belly Deluxe Halloween Mix candy includes a diverse assortment of seasonal confections. Each mix includes gourmet jelly beans in black (licorice), orange (tangerine) and yellow (lemon) as well as foil wrapped chocolate crisp balls, non-pareil seed covered licorice buttons and mellocremes in lemon, vanilla and orange.

There's something for every candy lover in our bulk Jelly Belly Halloween mix! You receive a vibrant assortment of seasonal candies with a warm color scheme that is perfect for baby shower and wedding favors. Keep your home or office candy jar filled throughout autumn or use these irresistible confections to fill up gourmet gift baskets for fall birthdays.

They also make tasty Halloween candy on Trick or Treat night! Jelly Belly offers excellent quality and gourmet flavor that is the preferred choice for sharing and snacking. Pour into small boxes or bags to give as teacher appreciation gifts or as a special treat for neighbors, coworkers, friends and family!


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