Jelly Belly Deluxe Mix 9oz - 12ct

Jelly Belly Deluxe Mix 9oz - 12ct
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Price per unit: $5.50

Product Details

The Jelly Belly Deluxe Christmas mix offers a delicious selection of the company's most festive treats in one convenient bag! Holiday candy is a great way to get the mood to celebrate.

Share a bag with the kids as a sweet after school snack or use them to fill up your candy dish when guests arrive. This high quality Jelly Belly mix offers more than simple beans! Each bag features a decorative design with festive red and gold. Inside you'll find a diverse selection of fine confections. There's gumdrops covered in edible beads, smooth mellocremes, mint cremes, chocolate Dutch mints and more!

Grab a handful or pick and choose to enjoy all your favorites. Our bulk Jelly Belly Christmas Deluxe mix also makes a beautiful stocking stuffer or holiday gift! Give them to teachers, coworkers and neighbors. Open up the bag and use your Christmas candy assortment to fill up holiday treat bags or wedding favors!


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