Jelly Belly Fall Festival Mix - 10lb

Jelly Belly Fall Festival Mix - 10lb
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Our Jelly Belly Fall Festival Mix contains a festive assortment of soft mellocreme candies. A variety of autumn shapes are included, each decorated in vibrant colors. Our mix includes giant candy corn in chocolate, cinnamon and vanilla as well as orange pumpkins, maple walnuts and corn cobs with refreshing lemon flavor.

Everyone will be in the mood for the autumn season when they see our Jelly Belly Fall Festival Mix! These playful confections include beautiful color and shapes inspired by the harvest. Create stunning wedding favors by pouring into tulle bags or tins or add these to the dessert table at your next Halloween party!

Jelly Belly gourmet mellocremes are also an easy choice when filling up the candy jar at home or at the office. Add to gift baskets or use them to make treat bags for the kids to hand out during this year's Trick or Treat night!


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