Shimmer Jelly Belly Assorted Jelly Beans Jewel Collection - 10lb

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Jewelry never tasted so good as these Jelly Bellys!

Price per lb: $9.00

Product Details

The Jelly Belly Jewel jellybean collection is one of the most dazzling treats you'll ever eat. Everyone recognizes the original version, with its smooth texture, rounded shape, and famous logo printed in white on the side. These glamorous jellybeans offer the same look and brilliant color, only with a gemstone-like shine! Jewel jellybeans are perfect for fancy occasions like weddings and showers but also make a fun snack that you can enjoy every day!

SKU: C351523

Flavor List

Jewel Berry BlueJewel BlueberryJewel Bubble GumJewel Cream SodaJewel Ginger AleJewel Grape SodaJewel OrangeJewel Sour AppleJewel Very Cherry

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