Jelly Belly Licorice Jelly Bean Bags - 12ct

Jelly Belly Licorice Jelly Bean Bags - 12ct
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Jelly Belly takes two of your favorite classic candies and combined them into one delicious treat! Licorice jelly beans are a great way to bring back fond memories.

For generations, children and adults alike have savored the sweet taste of chewy licorice. Jelly Belly has created a one-of-a-kind jelly bean that recreates the same amazing experience! Each black licorice jelly bean is small, smooth and emblazoned with the famous Jelly Belly logo.

These bite-sized morsels are shaped like traditional coffee beans, with a chewy center. Our bulk Jelly Belly jelly bean pack contains several individual bags that are perfect for gift giving.

Each includes the familiar Jelly Belly logo and art with a bean shaped window that reveals the black jelly beans hidden inside. Use them as edible stocking stuffers or give whole bags away to clients and coworkers over the holidays. Anytime is a great time to tear open a fresh bag of Jelly Belly licorice jelly beans!

Certified Kosher Candy

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