Jelly Belly Mellocreme Pumpkins - 10lb

Jelly Belly Mellocreme Pumpkins - 10lb
  • $85.99

Mellocreme pumpkins feature a festive shape with vibrant color!

90 pumpkins per pound

Price per pound: $8.60

Product Details

Jelly Belly mellocreme pumpkins feature a festive shape with vibrant color. Each piece is shaped like a classic pumpkin, with a round orange bottom and green stem. Gourmet mellocreme candy is similar to classic candy corn, with a delightfully soft texture produced using a starch casting process.

Pumpkin mellocremes are easily one of the most popular varieties of this candy available today. Our Jelly Belly version is made with quality ingredients so you get a great tasting treat that makes a wonderful gift. Use these pumpkin shaped candies to fill up treat bags for kids or to build your own fall wedding favors.

Sprinkle a handful into a tulle bag or hide in small boxes to give to loved ones. Mellocreme pumpkins also make a festive cake decoration. Place them upright on iced cakes, cupcakes or cookies along with candy corn and other edible accents. Bulk mellocreme pumpkins by Jelly Belly are a must-have this autumn!


90 pumpkins per pound

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