Jelly Bird Eggs Jelly Beans - 4.5lb

Jelly Bird Eggs Jelly Beans - 4.5lb
  • $19.99

Like little birdie eggs, but jelly beans!

262 egg beans per pound

Price per pound: $4.44

Product Details

Jelly Bird Egg jelly beans are colorful and chewy, with a taste and texture that's similar to classic jelly beans. Each piece includes a simple bird's egg shape with a narrower top and wider bottom. Our sweet assortment includes a rainbow of colors, like green, orange, pink, blue and red.

Change things up this Easter by switching out your usual jelly beans with Jelly Bird Eggs candy! This delicious confection is just as soft and smooth, but includes a unique shape. Use as part of this year's Easter basket candy for the kids or keep a package to serve guest who stop by during spring and summer.

Jelly Bird Eggs are also a delicious treat for coworkers! Whether you're filling up the office candy jar or looking for a quick and easy snack at home, you will love the classic flavors featured in our Jelly Bird Egg jelly bean bulk assortment!


262 egg beans per pound

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