Jelly-Filled Gummy Turtles - 2.2lb Vidal

Jelly-Filled Gummy Turtles - 2.2lb Vidal
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Vidal turtle gummies are jelly-filled and offer amazing detail and a taste that's irresistible. Chewy candy is a great way to satisfy a demanding sweet tooth.

If you want something different for snack time or are looking for a party food that will earn tons of complements, you must try these playful little sea creatures. Vidal has been making candy for over 50 years. In that time they have managed to perfect their delicious products, which is why we have one-of-a-kind candies like these chewy jelly-filled gummy turtles!

Each piece includes an adorable sea turtle shape, with a round head and small knob feet. A pair of large round eyes extend from the sides of the head while the back rises to form a thick shell. Each back is decorated in a classic turtle pattern with square shapes in dark green or bold red. Our Vidal filled gummy turtles are a must-have for beach themed parties and summer events.

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