Jolly Rancher Rocks - 24ct

Jolly Rancher Rocks - 24ct
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Jolly Rancher Rocks present a new way to enjoy your favorite hard candy! Jolly Rancher Rocks come in plastic containers that are cylinder in shape with a snap on lid that keeps them inside until you're ready to snack again! This unique treat includes bite-size orbs of fruity confection.

Each piece is smooth and offers long lasting flavor that will satisfy your sweet tooth. Our bulk Jolly Rancher Rocks box gives you many individual containers to share and enjoy. Each is sealed to ensure freshness. Simply pop the cap and you have an instant sweet treat that's ready to go! Keep a container in your pocket or use them to fill up birthday party treat bags.

Jolly Rancher Rocks also make unique stocking stuffers! Kids will love the taste even more when they see the fun shape and small size of these exciting hard candy balls. Each Jolly Rancher Rocks container includes an assortment of green apple, cherry, watermelon and blue raspberry flavors.

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