Jones Soda Carbonated Candy - 8ct

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Jones Soda Co. carbonated candy is killer!

8 tins per box

Price per unit: $2.87

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Jones Soda carbonated candy offers a new way to enjoy your favorite beverage! Classic Jones Soda is a popular choice because it is made using cane sugar instead of unhealthy high fructose corn syrup.

If you enjoy a cold, refreshing Jones Soda, then you must try these unique candies. Each package includes small pill shaped pieces that are sweet and tangy with a touch of tingly carbonation. Along with a one-of-a-kind taste, Jones Soda carbonated candy also comes in an elegant branded tin. Each tine includes a black background with "Jones" in shimmering silver. The tin container keeps your mints fresh and easy to carry.

Hide a pack in your pocket, purse, glove box or desk drawer. Jones Soda carbonated candy also makes a great gift or stocking stuffer. You can get larger quantities with our convenient Jones Soda carbonated candy in bulk! Keep a box at home or take to the office to share with coworkers and clients.

SKU: F315128

8 tins per box

Flavor List

Green Apple, FuFu Berry, Berry Lemonade, Cream Soda, Grape, Orange & Cream

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