Juicy Drop Pop Candy - 21ct

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Juicy Drop Pops are for those who dare to be different!

0.92 ounces per pop

Price per pop: $3.48

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Juicy Drop Pops are for those who dare to be different. The rebels. The misfits. The square pegs in round holes. Well, they are also for parents who are fed up with cleaning melted candy and chocolate off fingers and clothes.

This is a wearable treat, but not in a messy way. On the bottom there is a plastic ring, so it can be worn like a ring pop. When you want a lick, you just slide the candy out and enjoy. On the other end there is a yellow nozzle and a liquid treat you just remove the cap and squeeze the yummy goodness onto your tongue.

Don't worry; the cap is attached, so kids can't lose it. For a double treat, squeeze the liquid on the ring and lick. Juicy Drop Pops are not only fun to eat; they actually taste delicious, too. Since it is a "neat" snack, it is perfect for those long car rides.

Of course, when you give away these as party favors all the kids will be talking about how cool you are. Juicy Drop Pop Candy is not just for kids though. Adults love them, too. They are all individually packaged, so they are perfect to distribute at any event.

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0.92 ounces per pop

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