Haribo Gold Bears Peg Bags -12ct

Juicy Gold Bears Peg Bags -12ct CandyStore.com
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Haribo juicy gold bears will make any mouth water!

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Haribo juicy gold bears will make any mouth water! These succulent snacks are the ultimate in chewy candy. Every piece is full of the fruit flavors that Haribo is known for. You'll love biting down to discover the sweet taste of orange, raspberry, apple and grape. These mouthwatering morsels are made even better because they are the juiciest gummy candies in our Haribo collection. Savor the smooth feel of soft chewy gummies and enjoy the refreshing taste of fruit juice in every bite!

For over nine decades, Haribo has been improving the way we enjoy gummy snacks. These little bears include all the classic features kids love - including dainty ears, adorable face and round body. The original gummy bears were inspired by dancing bears that performed in street festivals in Europe. Today's version includes that same playful look in a gelatin candy that's easy to store and share. Serve Haribo gummy bears at parties, picnics, school events or keep some on hand for private snacking!

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