Juju Red Cherry Coins Candy - 7.5lb

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These Ju Ju coins are a nice red color. The flavor they offer is an outrageously good cherry flavor. One of the best things about these great candy coins are the fact that they are chewy and soft as well. Kids will certainly like the fact that these gummies are shaped like coins which makes then fun and interactive.

For adults this could be a great candy item to use for a poker game as you could count up the candy and when you were done you could enjoy the great taste of the candy that you won. The options that you have for how you can use these delicious candies are nearly endless. Almost everyone likes the great taste that these candies offer as well as the wonderful texture that you get when you bite into one. If you are looking for a great candy for any event then this is certainly right up your alley.

Designed to look like little coins, and flavored in a bright, fruity cherry taste, these little Cherry Dollars gummies are truly tasty. If you have a chore system with your children, then why not pay them for their good deeds in a handful or two of Red Cherry Dollars? These yummy gummies have been known to get people motivated to work for them and they're a delicious and small enough treat that it won't spoil their appetite for healthier meals.

If we had a Red Cherry Dollar for every time someone said how much they love this candy, then we'd probably have a stomach ache. However, we'd be extremely satisfied at the same time too because these Cherry Dollars are so darn tasty!

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