Junior Caramels Theater Box - 12ct

Junior Caramels Theater Box - 12ct CandyStore.com
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3.6 ounces per box

Price per unit: $2.75

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If you have ever tasted a Junior Mint, then you simply must try our Junior Caramels theater box! This delicious treat offers a new take on your favorite candy. Junior Mints consist of a round mint flavored filling that's soft and smooth.

The outside is surrounded by a layer of dark chocolate with a dimple on one side. Our Junior Caramels, on the other hand, offer the same design but with different ingredients for an entirely unique snacking experience.

Instead of a minty center, Junior Caramels contain a rich caramel filling. Milk chocolate replaces the dark chocolate outside. Take a bite and experience pure caramel and milk chocolate bliss! Our theater boxes are especially appealing because they are easy to store and contain a generous quantity that's perfect for snacking.

Make family movie night perfect by handing out concessions like our Junior Caramels theater boxes! Our bulk candy is also convenient for events and parties.

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3.6 ounces per box

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