Junior Mints Heart Shaped - 12ct

Junior Mints Heart Shaped - 12ct CandyStore.com
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Spread the love with heart shaped Junior Mints! That's right, your favorite minty treat is now available as an adorable heart candy. Each piece includes the same refreshing filling you love with intense mint flavor. The outside includes a thin layer of delectable dark chocolate that produces a smooth, even surface.

This version includes a tapered end and wide, rounded top to create a classic heart shape that's perfect for love themed events. Just for added fun, heart shaped Junior Mints also include red filling! Some pieces contain classic white while others include bright red.

Take a bite and find out which color you're eating! Our bulk Junior Mints package gives you larger quantities of heart shaped candy that are ideal for parties and other events. Use them to fill wedding favors or create a fun display for anniversary parties. Heart Junior Mints are also a beautiful choice for your Valentine's Day candy collection!

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