Junior Mints Candy Mini Packs - 72ct

Junior Mints Candy Mini Packs - 72ct
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Delicious dark chocolate mints with a creamy peppermint center, Junior Mints have been a favorite since 1949.

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Junior Mints are a refreshing candy that's perfect for chocolate lovers. This popular candy includes a smooth mint center that's soft and chewy. The outside is encased in a thin layer of delectable dark chocolate for a rich flavor that's absolutely irresistible!

Our bulk Junior Mints include convenient mini packs, which offer the same bite-sized morsels in smaller portions that are perfect for sharing, parties and quick snacking. The first Junior Mints were sold in 1949. Their name was developed as a play on the Junior Miss story collection that was penned by Sally Benson and published in The New Yorker.

Today, the Junior Mint is a hugely popular confection. More than 15 million are produced each day! That's a lot of deliciousness for the world to enjoy. Our bulk Junior Mints mini packs include smaller boxes that fit easily into party favors, wedding favors, Christmas stockings and gift baskets!

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