Juicy Twists All Flavors - 12lb Kenny's

  • $41.99

Juicy classic and fruity flavored licorice twists from Kenny's!

40 pieces per pound (480 total)

Price per pound: $3.50

Product Details

These amazing twists will put your tongue into a tailspin! That's because you will have swirl after swirl of bright, fruity taste in a rainbow of colors and flavors to try.

Choose from, black licorice, cherry licorice, blue raspberry, chocolate, grape, green apple, peach, pineapple, peach, pina colada, red raspberry, root beer, spicy cinnamon, strawberry red, or watermelon! They make a delicious snack for kids, can be used as straws in cold drinks and make a perfect addition to any party of candy bar buffet. These ropes will tie your taste buds up in knots, but we're sure it's a tangle you and your mouth won't mind!

Certified Kosher Candy

SKU: K335623

40 pieces per pound (480 total)

Allergen Info

No products manufactured or packaged in the Kenny's Candy facility contain peanuts or any other nuts, milk or eggs. Kosher Pareve.

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