Kenny's Licorice Laces Candy - 15lb

  • $90.99

Super long laces of black or red licorice from Kenny's!

Lace length = 48 inches

Price per pound: $6.07

Product Details

Regular licorice is great, but if you actually like to have a little fun with your treats then Kenny's Licorice Laces Candy is for you. These yummy candy strands are as entertaining as they are delicious.

Roll them into balls like yarn, create giant knots, or tie a bunch together for a jump rope. Throwing a birthday party for one of your kids? Use Kenny's Licorice Laces Candy to make necklaces and bracelets. You can even make edible garland out of them.

Aside from the fact that this tasty treat is fun to eat, Kenny's Licorice Laces Candy is sure to invoke a smile with its delightful flavor. Those who prefer fruit candy will not be able to get enough of the strawberry flavor.

If you literally crave black licorice, then the 15-pound supply of black licorice candy laces should more than satisfy. We recommend getting both and combining them together. Kenny's Licorice Laces Candy is certified kosher, too.

Certified Kosher Candy


Lace length = 48 inches

Price per pound: $6.07

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