Kits Taffy - 100ct

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Travel back in time with delicious Kits taffy!

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Travel back in time with delicious Kits taffy! Remember walking to the local candy shop to spend your allowance on a few packs of tasty Kits candy? Now you can buy your favorite childhood treat at CandyStore. com!

Each piece consists of a solid block of irresistible taffy that's sweet, chewy and very nostalgic! Our bulk Kits taffy assortment features many flavors so you can try them all! Each box includes banana, strawberry, vanilla and chocolate. Pick out your favorites and save the rest for guests or grab a random handful and enjoy them all!

Our big box brings you many individually wrapped Kits taffy so you have plenty to share and eat. Use them to add a classic touch to party favors and birthday treat bags or give as a special gift to someone who loves old time candy. It's never too late to experience the great taste of Kits taffy!

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