Kits Taffy Banana - 20lb

Kits Taffy Banana - 20lb
  • $114.99

40 pieces per pound

Price per pound: $5.75

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Don't tell the monkeys, but we think Kits Taffy Banana candy is even better than the real thing! Each one of these fruity flavored candies is individually wrapped and packs a powerful punch.

The second you put one in your mouth, your taste buds are consumed with a sweet, creamy banana flavor. As you chew the flavor becomes more and more exciting.

Kits first introduced taffy back in 1924, so this is a confectioner that knows a little something about getting the flavor and consistency of taffy just right. They may not be a penny anymore, like they once were, but they still offer the same mouthwatering flavor.

There are three Kits Taffy Vanilla candies in each individually wrapped neat little package. Three candies are the perfect snack size, and these are great to add to lunch boxes or hand out at Halloween. These scrumptious banana delights are American-made, guaranteed fresh, and sure to attract a lot of hands to your candy dish.

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40 pieces per pound

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