Kits Taffy Chocolate - 20lb

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40 pieces per pound

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You really should not have to choose between fun and chewy taffy and decadent and elegant chocolate, and thanks to this Kits Taffy Chocolate candy, you don't have to.

You may even remember when these taffies were first available in the 1970s. Rest-assured this retro treat has the same great flavor you remember enjoying way back then. If you like taffy and chocolate, these are sure to become one of your favorite treats.

Kits Taffy Chocolate candies are made in the USA and quite low in fat. When you peel away the brown wrapper, you are awarded with three individually wrapped treats inside.

These pieces make the perfect snack size. Hand these out at Halloween or pack them in your child's lunch for a nice surprise. Put them in a bowl for a candy buffet or include them in gift bags at a party. This is a treat that is perfect for any occasion.

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40 pieces per pound

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