Kits Taffy Strawberry - 20lb

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40 pieces per pound (800 total)

Price per pound: $5.75

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Each one of these Kits Taffy Strawberry candies is individually packaged in a charming red wrapper. This makes them perfect for candy dishes, gift bags, pinatas, and of course, your secret stash.

They are also ideal for Halloween because you don't have to worry about a child having a nut or dairy allergy. Also low in fat and high in carbohydrates, so you might want to pop one of these in your mouth halfway through your run for a little burst of energy.

When you bite into a ripe, juicy, sweet strawberry, your mouth is delighted with a burst of delicious flavor. Then, within seconds, the flavor is gone, and you are left with seeds in your teeth. When you bite into a Kits Taffy Strawberry candy, you enjoy the same scrumptious taste as a fresh strawberry, only the flavor lasts a whole lot longer.

These taffies may be small inside, but they offer a lot of chewing excitement, and you won't end up with seeds in your teeth either.

SKU: U319719

40 pieces per pound (800 total)

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