Kiwi Berry Blast Blow Pops - 48ct

Kiwi Berry Blast Blow Pops - 48ct
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Delicious fruity bubblegum lollipop adventure!

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Kiwi Berry Blast Blow Pops are a new take on the classic lollipop. Blow Pops are one of the most famous treats made by Charms.This candy was first introduced during the 1970s and quickly became Charms' bestselling confection. Each lollipop includes a generous dollop of sweet bubblegum surrounded by a thick hard candy shell perched atop a disposable stick.Lick away then enjoy a good chew with this long lasting candy! While classic Blow Pops are tasty, sometimes you want something more exotic to enjoy. Our kiwi berry lollipops offer that same unique design with a blast of flavor inspired by two sweet fruits.Each features a deep red color that's complemented by a matching wrapper. Simply untwist the top and prepare to take a stroll through fruit flavor paradise! Bulk Blow Pops are a must-have for children's birthday parties, picnics and school activities. Hand them out during holidays or keep a box at home so you always have Kiwi Berry Blast Blow Pops ready to eat!

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