Lavender Chocolate Color Drops - 15lb

Lavender Chocolate Color Drops - 15lb
  • $158.99

Lavender candy shell around chocolate gems!

500 pieces per pound

Price per pound: $10.60

Product Details

Wild Lavender holds healing elements that have been used for centuries. Well, do you know what benefits these Lavender Chocolate Gems possess? Deliciousness for your soul!

In a gorgeous shade of lilac, these light purple gems have a hard candy shell and melty chocolate interior that you'll want to savor for hours. Because these beautiful little candies have such a lovely lavender pastel hue, they're ideal for springtime candy displays, Easter baskets and even purple-themed weddings.

If you want to make every occasion more beautiful and yummy, bring home some of these Lavender Chocolate Gems for everyone in your life to munch on and enjoy.

SKU: K331010

500 pieces per pound

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