Purple Grape Jelly Beans - 2lb Bulk

  • $13.99

Beautiful lavender jelly beans with grape flavor!

375 beans per pound

Price per pound: $7.00

Product Details

Beautiful lavender jelly beans with grape flavor! Color coordinate your party with gorgeous bulk jelly beans in a uniform color of lavender / purple.If you are looking for a great candy that is not only delicious but also festive then you will find that purple jelly beans may be just what you have been looking for. The flavor that you are going to get with this is a wonderful grape flavor that is sure to make your taste buds dance around with happiness.This is great for parties or even weddings where the color would fit into the colors that you have the partied themed with. They are tiny in size but not when it comes to the flavor that you get from them. These would be great alone or combine with other great candies and flavors as they are sure to be able to go along with most everything. Enjoy this great candy and the pleasure that it is able to bring to you when you have the pleasure to experience them.

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375 beans per pound

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