Gimbals Jelly Beans Lemon Meringue - 10lb

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What is the lemon's favorite dance style? The "merin-gue!

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What is the lemon's favorite dance style? The "merin-gue. " Well, if you loved that joke and are a fan of lemon flavored treats yourself, try some of our Gimbals Lemon Meringue Jelly Beans! In a vibrant yellow as bright as the sun on a hot summer day and the mellow citrusy flavor of a lemon meringue pie, these little beans are taste bud show-stoppers.

Try making a pie or fancy lemon bar and top them off with an ornate display of these lemon meringue jelly beans for a gorgeous finish that your guests will love. Even add a few to the bottom of a lemonade glass for added sweetness, flavor and charm-factor. Whatever you do, you'll absolutely love the versatility of what you can do with these Gimbals Lemon Meringue Jelly Beans.

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