Claey's Licorice Old Fashioned Candy Drops - 10lb

Claey's Licorice Old Fashioned Candy Drops - 10lb
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They're black as the night and twice as yummy! Claey's Licorice Old-Fashioned Candy Drops are a spicier rendition of an all-time classic. Completely coated in crystally, crunchy sugar granules that will make your taste buds jump for joy. Beyond the saccharine coating, lies a delicious hard candy in a beautiful black sheen. Claey's also manufactures candies in green apple, natural horehound, root beer, watermelon, lemon, and wild cherry, but licorice is a crowd favorite! They'll look lovely in your coffee table candy dish or set out in a jar. They also fit in with a fancy evening at a black tie wedding.

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