Licorice Sugar Free Hard Candy - 5lb

  • $131.99

Vivid licorice flavor with none of the guilt, it's sugar free!

120 pieces per pound

Price per pound: $26.40

Product Details

Sugar free licorice hard candy will give your sweet tooth a workout without the unnecessary sugar intake. This tasty treat is a wonderful way to keep cravings at bay while on a diet. Sugar often causes cavities, which is why our sugar free hard candies make a great alternative that dentists love.

Trade them out for your child's typical sugary snacks or keep them at the office so everyone can enjoy classic licorice without the guilt. Our bulk sugar free hard candy arrives ready to serve in individual wrappers! Our licorice version features vibrant purple packaging with a metallic shine.

The ends are covered in playful polka dots that beg all who see them to grab a piece and twist. Each hard candy lozenge is smooth so it's delightful on the tongue as well as the taste buds! Combine with our other bulk sugar free hard candies or enjoy alone to satisfy your carvings for traditional licorice!

Certified Kosher Candy

SKU: F315109

120 pieces per pound

Allergen Info

Food allergens: None. Sweetener: Splenda. Gluten Free - Golightly is Gluten Free, making it safe for Celiacs. Gluten is found in forms of wheat and Golightly candy does not use wheat, rye, oats or barley.

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