Licorice Taffy - 3lb

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72 pieces per pound (216 total)

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A refined look is easy to achieve with a snow-white candy accented by black racing stripes, Licorice Taffy. A traditional saltwater taffy with a deep, sophisticated licorice flavor, these individual candy pieces offer the soft texture, nostalgic feel, and pretty looks that every taffy selection conveys.But, licorice taffy accents any color scheme with black-tie beauty. Pair up with mints, nonpareils, and allsorts for a lovely, shimmering formal reception. But let's not forget the licorice lovers Ð you'll be satisfied with bulk Licorice Taffy even if you buy on flavor alone!This black and white wholesale candy option keeps well, so lay in a stock of licorice-flavored salt water taffy and know you can always snack on a few pieces when you're feeling down. The dark, deep flavor of black licorice makes Licorice Taffy a pick-me-up for those with a pining for classic candy tastes.

Certified Kosher Candy

SKU: K330875

72 pieces per pound (216 total)

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