Life Savers Butterrum - 20ct

Life Savers Butterrum - 20ct
  • $43.99

Smooth buttery and bold flavored Life Savers!

14 pieces per roll

Price per unit: $2.20

Product Details

Butter rum Lifesavers candy is a sweet treat with classic personality. While it may not be as outrageous as wild cherry or as refreshing as wint-o-green, butter rum is packed with tasty sweetness that satisfies like no other candy can. This rich blend of flavors is even better when packed into each hard candy hoop. Lifesavers are easy to enjoy and come in a convenient tube package that you can place in a purse, pocket, desk drawer or wherever you may be when cravings hit!The history of the Lifesaver candy begins in 1912 when Clarence Crane invented the hard mint version. At the time he needed a pill manufacturer to produce the shape of each piece. It wasn't until 1925 that the familiar hole was added, creating the popular donut shape we all know and love today. Our bulk Lifesaver candy boxes are a great choice for offices, schools or anyone planning an event.

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14 pieces per roll

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