Lifesavers 5-Flavors Hard Candy - 50oz Bag - 6ct

Lifesavers 5-Flavors Hard Candy - 50oz Bag
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A classic mix of five fruity flavors in a large bag, Life Savers Hard Candy offers instant brand recognition and a nostalgic candy experience.

One bag per unit

Price per oz: $2.98

Product Details

Lifesavers hard candy brings big flavor in a little package. There's a lot to love in every bag of Lifesavers, especially if you have hard time picking out just one flavor. You can taste all your favorites with our enormous bulk Lifesaver bag! This package offers a great value with more of the hard candy you love. Order for at home or bring a bag into the office or worksite so you can share with everyone! Teachers can reward their students with a sweet treat and parents can fill treat bags with lifesavers for parties and other events.

Lifesavers are more than just a hard candy: they are an edible piece of the past. These renowned sweets were originally made in 1913. Things were different back then and it wasn't until 1925 that the iconic hole was added to each disc. Today you can get all the fruity flavor you want with our bulk Lifesaver package!

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One bag per unit

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