Life Savers Wild Cherry - 20ct

Life Savers Wild Cherry - 20ct
  • $33.99

Sweet and tart cherry flavored Life Savers!

14 pieces per roll

Price per unit: $1.70

Product Details

Wild cherry Lifesavers is a quick and easy snack that everyone can enjoy! Each hard candy piece is filled with sweet cherry flavor. Just open the end and treat your taste buds to the irresistible taste of fresh picked cherry sweetness! Lifesavers aren't just delicious – they are also convenient! Each box contains individual packages that you can keep anywhere. Hide them in your desk, purse, pocket or car so you always have something to satisfy your sweet tooth!Lifesavers candy is a classic confection that was created in 1912. The original hard mints were later expanded upon with wintergreen, clove, chocolate, cinnamon and violet flavors. Today we can enjoy a huge list of Lifesavers, including succulent wild cherry! Our bulk candy box makes these treats even better because you can get more hard candy to store or share. Just order a box or two and you will always have something to give guests, coworkers or clients!

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14 pieces per roll

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