Light Green Sunflower Seeds Candy - 5lb Bulk

Light Green Sunflower Seeds Candy - 5lb Bulk
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Why should nuts have all the fun? Every time you turn around there is some type of nut being dipped in chocolate. It is about time sunflower seeds are in the spotlight. This Light Green Sunflower Seed Candy is the "one" you've been waiting for.

They're sweet, salty, and a popular favorite with folks who have nut allergies. Delicious sunflower seeds are coated in smooth milk chocolate and given a light green candy shell. At the risk of stating the obvious, we think you will be using this Light Green Sunflower Seeds Candy at your next St. Patrick's Day party.

They're also perfect for baby showers and birthday parties. Considering sunflower seeds are considerably lighter than peanuts, be prepared to be surprised and delighted over the quantity you get in this 5-pound supply!

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