Lightning Bugs Candy - 12ct

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Lightning Bugs candy is the gummy firefly that really glows!

Price per unit: $1.75

Product Details

Lightning Bugs candy is the tasty treat that really glows when you pinch it with the special lightning bug tongs! This novelty candy includes an assortment of yellow and red gummy fireflies. Each has a segmented bag and tapered tail, similar to a short gummy worm.

Along with a sweet lightning bug candy, each box also contains a pair of plastic tongs. The tip includes grooves for easier handling with a little light hidden inside. Simply pinch a bug gummy and watch as the light activates and makes it glow! Each piece is illuminated (so it glows but is still safe to eat!).

Our fun Lightening Bug candy is an exciting choice when making treat bags for birthday parties. They can also be given out as unique prizes for playing games at school or community events. Kids will love watching their gummies illuminate like real lightning bugs! This unique confection is tons of fun for children of all ages. Even adults will love playing with each wiggly, chewy piece!

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