Lindt Chocolate Gold Bars - 10ct

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10.5 ounces per bar

Price per bar: $10.20

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Are you the type of person who rips into a chocolate bar and devours it in record time? All that will change when you bite into one of these Lindt Chocolate Gold Bars. This is not your typical candy bar. The fact that it is made by the Master Swiss Chocolatier should tell you that you are in for a special treat.

Bite into one square of these Lindt Chocolate Gold Bars, and you won't want your teeth to touch the bar again. Just let the indulgent rich chocolate melt on your tongue, sending every one of your taste buds into frenzy. There are 40 squares in each bar, which is plenty to separate and serve on a dessert tray, if you can bring yourself to share. These decadent gourmet bars are available in Milk Chocolate, Bittersweet Chocolate, and Milk Chocolate Hazelnut flavors. We recommend you try all three.

SKU: F315696-CFG

10.5 ounces per bar

Flavor List

Milk Chocolate, Milk Chocolate Hazelnut, Bittersweet Chocolate.

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