Lion King PEZ Candy Dispensers - 12ct

Lion King PEZ Candy Dispensers - 12ct
  • $36.99

Experience the beloved characters of Disney's Lion King with five unique PEZ® dispensers, perfect for any party favor.

Price per unit: $3.08

Product Details

Have a roaring good time with Lion King Pez candy! The Lion King was one of the biggest animated films released by Disney during the mid-1990s. Even though the movie came out over a decade ago, it's still hugely popular among children and adults.

Little ones will easily recognize the fun characters featured in each bulk Pez assortment! You get a mix of Simba, Nala, Pumbaa, Mufasa and others! Any occasion is a great time to hand out classic Pez candy! Each dispenser is constructed of durable plastic in bright colors with a Lion King character's head attached with a hinge on top.

Each comes individually packaged with a stick of sweet and tangy Pez candy. Our Lion King Pez dispensers make a great stocking stuffer or can be used to fill up birthday party treat bags. This is also a must-have Pez assortment for candy collectors and film buffs.

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