Lite-Up Candy Cool Pops Toys - 12ct

Lite-Up Candy Cool Pops Toys - 12ct
  • $115.99

Light Up Airplane Candy Fans with batteries included light up and spin at the push of a button in eye-catching colors.

Price per pop: $9.67

Product Details

Lite Up Candy Cool Pops are an amazing candy that's one part fan, one part flashlight and one part fun! This tasty snack provides tons of entertainment , even when the kids aren't snacking.

Each includes a tube shaped base filled with sweet treats. The top supports a round bulb with fan blades that extend on all sides. Turn on the Lite Up Candy Cool Pop and watch as it glows and blows!

Our bulk Lite up Candy Cool Pops box comes with an assortment of individual packages. Each includes a unique color combination, ranging from blue and yellow to red and green! Give the kids something fun to enjoy during snack time or hand these unique pops out as prizes at school activities or community events.

Lite Up Candy Cool Pops also make great birthday party favors! Bring more excitement to your candy collection with one-of-a-kind Lite Up Candy Cool Pops!

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