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Look Bars are a candy treat from the 1950s!

Price per bar: $1.58

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Look Bars are a candy treat from the 1950s. If you are having a party that is set back in time this might be a great option. This is a really good tasting treat that would be great for any occasion that you were having. This is a molasses treat that is made with nougat and peanuts and then covered with a great flavor of dark chocolate.

These bars come wrapped individually and the box contains 24 of them which means that you will have plenty to go around. They are also a cousin of Big Hunk if you have heard of this great candy then you know just how good you can expect the Look bar to be. The wrapper for these bars are a nice reddish color and you are sure to get a nice chewy texture out of them when you bite into them that will even make your mouth water.

Certified Kosher Candy

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