Mango Sour Power Belts from Dorval - 19.8lb

Mango Sour Power Belts from Dorval - 19.8lb
  • $137.99

Bright yellow Dorval Sour Power sour belts with a sweet tropical mango flavor and signature sour tang.

Price per pound: $6.97

Product Details

Dorval Sour Power belt gummies are a delicious treat for kids and the young at heart! Each piece consist of a long, wide ribbon of flat gummy candy in bright colors. Our flavor list includes all your favorites, like strawberry, watermelon, apple, berry and much more!Sour Power belt candy is a fun choice for birthday parties and holiday events. Our flavor options also make it easy to create your own custom candy assortment! Just order 2 or more packages to combine colors for any celebration. Add to kids treat bags or use as a unique accent on edible displays like gingerbread houses. Sour Power belts also give you more ways to decorate cakes, cupcakes and other baked goods. Our bulk Sour Power gummy belts give you many long pieces so you have enough to share with guests or enjoy at home! This classic candy has been satisfying sweet cravings since 1985.


Flavor List

Berry Blue Cotton Candy Green Apple Mango Pink Lemonade Rainbow / Quattro Raspberry Cherry Strawberry Apple Strawberry-Banana Watermelon Wild Cherry

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