Maple Nut Goodies Candy - 7lb Bulk

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Roasted peanuts, real maple and crunchy toffee!

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Brach's Maple Nut Goodie candies are a delicious treat full of savory flavor. This classic treat has been satisfying sweet cravings for over a century. Whether you're a classic candy love or someone simply looking for a new treat to enjoy, you must try Maple Nut Goodies!

Each piece includes a layer of soft blanket of maple confection topped in crunchy peanuts. The first Maple Nut Goodies were made in 1912. They rose in the candy ranks to become the company's most popular and successful creation.

There were some recipe changes throughout the decades, however the company went back to the original in 1985. Today, candy lovers can enjoy this nostalgic nutty confection exactly as it was enjoyed over 100 years ago. Try our bulk Maple Nut Goodies at your next party or holiday gathering!

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