Chocolate BerryBlues - 10lb

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90 pieces per pound

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Lovely, glossy navy-colored spheres of fruit and chocolate give a deep, dashing look to a candy buffet, and inside the globes of blue-colored milk chocolate lie the sweetness of dried blueberries.

Chocolate BerryBlues are a delicious confection of chocolate-dipped dried fruit, so these wholesale candies feel refined and creative while you enjoy their sweetness. An excellent candy for a boy baby shower or for a wedding whose theme colors include royal blue, these delectable bulk chocolate-covered blueberries make an upscale choice for anything from a formal dessert buffet to a lunchbox snack.

The beautiful Chocolate BerryBlues have a palate-pleasing texture as well as a delicious taste, and the wintry look of this dark blue candy with its glossy chocolate shell makes it visually exquisite.

Certified Kosher Candy

SKU: F315693

90 pieces per pound

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