Mary Janes Candy - 7.5lb

Mary Janes Candy - 7.5lb
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Mary Janes are back and better than ever!

125 pieces per pound

Price per pound: $9.33

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Back from limbo after Necco's bankruptcy, Mary Janes are here again!

When you're in the mood for something extra chewy, try our sweet Mary Jane candies! These delectable delights are small bars of smooth taffy treats. Each is flavored with rich molasses and peanut butter to give it that memorable taste that kids of all ages have been asking for since 1914. The candy is a historic favorite that was named after its creator's beloved aunt - a worthy choice for such a nostalgic confection!

Each taffy candy is covered in a bright yellow wrapper with a bold red stripe and classic logo printed around both sides. The newest version is smaller than Necco's and not as squared in shape, but it's the same amazing recipe as ever. You'll love Mary Janes even more when you buy our bulk candy package! Order larger quantities so you have plenty to share at family gatherings and other events. Use them to fill the office candy jar or use them to fill treat bags for birthdays and more! Our bulk Mary Janes are also convenient to hand out on trick or treat night around Halloween!

Mary Janes are being made by Atkinson Candies now, makers of Chick-O-Stick and Long Boys candy, among many others.

Certified Kosher Candy

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125 pieces per pound

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