Mary Janes Theater Boxes - 12ct

Mary Janes Theater Boxes - 12ct
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If these Mary Janes Theater Boxes look very familiar it is because this is the same great candy you may have indulged in as a kid.

It was first introduced in 1914, and although it has been manufactured by a few different companies through the years, changing hands has not compromised the flavor. They taste just as amazing today as they did a century ago.

If you are unfamiliar with these yummy confections prepare for your taste buds to be delighted. Inside these Mary Janes Theater Boxes is a molasses and peanut butter flavored candy with a taffy texture. Each of these taffy-type candies has a peanut butter center. So, as your taste buds peel through the layers of flavor, they are delighted with sweet and salty notes.

These Mary Janes Theater Boxes are perfect for movie or game night. They also have a fairly high melting point, so they can travel well while trekking or camping. They make great stocking stuffers, too, and they are perfect for the candy-a-holic in your life who often indulges in retro treats.

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