Marzipan Dark Chocolate - 7lb

Marzipan Dark Chocolate - 7lb
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34 pieces per pound (240 total)

Price per pound: $17.86

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Quite honestly, Marzipan Dark Chocolate is one of the most exciting things that can happen to an almond. You might be saying, "Almond? What Almond?" Well, just because you don't see an almond doesn't mean it's not there.

Marzipan is essentially a scrumptious confection made out of finely ground almonds. As their name implies, these Marzipan Dark Chocolate candies are drenched in rich dark chocolate so indulgent it's good enough to serve as dessert. The fact that they have a bright green center makes them even more interesting.

They are a popular favorite for St. Patrick's Day and Christmas, but you certainly don't need a special occasion to enjoy them. Keep them on hand to snack on when you get a craving. Although, considering this is a bulk supply, you might as well go ahead and share a few. They might even inspire a party!

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34 pieces per pound (240 total)

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