Mega Bruiser 1lb. Jawbreaker Box

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1 gift box per gigantic jawbreaker

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Head for the hills! This Mega Bruiser One Pound Jawbreaker Box packs a might punch of nearly unbreakable hard candy crunch that could leave you with a few less teeth than you started with.

At 3 1/4'' , this Mega Jawbreaker is the King Kong of the candy world and will provide hours and hours of futile biting Know some tough guys who want a candy that fights back? Want to surprise your little ones with a candy that lasts and lasts? Want to make a gift to a candy fan even more memorable? These hefty bruisers can stand up to the pressure and take on any event you throw at them. Start the fight today.

SKU: K335450

1 gift box per gigantic jawbreaker

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