Warheads Super Sour Double Drop - 24ct

Warheads Super Sour Double Drop - 24ct CandyStore.com
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Warhead candy is one of the most hardcore sour confections you can eat. This intense snack is renowned for its lip puckering power. The original Warheads were invented in 1975 in Taiwan.

They were imported to the United States in the early 90s and today are one of the most well-known sour candies available. While most people know or have tried the hard candy version, many have not yet tried the amazing taste of Double Drops!

Double Drops take that same intense flavor and puts it in liquid form. Our bulk Warheads Super Sour Double Drops box contains many bottles, each holding a single flavor. Test your mettle against the unstoppably sour taste of liquid Warhead candy!

Each bulk pack contains many individual bottles that are perfectly sized for treat bags and more. Use them as stocking stuffers at Christmas or keep them at home and challenge guests to try super sour Warheads liquid candy!

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