Melllocreme Candy Christmas Mix - 10lb

Melllocreme Candy Christmas Mix - 10lb
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The mellocreme candy Christmas Mix by Jelly Belly is the ultimate assortment for anyone who loves soft, chewy confections. Each piece features a festive shape with trumpets, reindeer, stars, drums and Santa Claus in red, green and white. This collection includes lime, vanilla and cherry flavors.

Make sure you have our bulk mellocremes ready to go because once guests see these candies, they won't be able to stop snacking! Pour in decorative Christmas bowls or candy jars and set out as a sweet refreshment. They also look gorgeous when served alongside desserts and family gatherings.

Add fine detail to your favorite recipes by using mellocreme candy to decorate cakes, cookies, cupcakes and gingerbread houses! You can even recreate Santa's workshop with the jolly man himself standing at the front door in his famous red suit. These classic Jelly Belly candies are also an elegant filler for winter party and wedding favors.


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