Micro Jawbreakers - Assorted - 10lb

Micro Jawbreakers - Assorted - 10lb CandyStore.com
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Micro jawbreakers put that irresistible appeal into a tiny treat!

1914 pieces per pound

Price per pound: $5.90

Product Details

Micro jawbreakers take the irresistible taste of big jawbreakers and packs it all into a compact treat. Children have savored the sweet flavors of this popular candy for years. Simply pop one in your mouth and let your taste buds experience an assortment of fruity flavors.

Micro jawbreakers may not be as big, but these quarter-inch tidbits still pack powerful flavor! They are perfect for a quick treat that doesn't require hours of licking. Our bulk jawbreaker package includes a generous quantity of vibrantly colored pieces. Try your luck with red, green, yellow, orange or blue! The rainbow jawbreaker assortment is wonderful for birthday parties with colorful decor!

You can also pour a handful into a treat bag to give as party favors or to pass out on Halloween. Our bulk candy package will give you plenty of miniature jawbreakers to go around Ð even if you're hosting an event with a large group!

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1914 pieces per pound

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